Companies large and small turn to us for assistance preparing for a legal fight. We have a proven track record of success defending and securing judgments for our clients that sets us apart from the rest, with a particular specialty in complex commercial litigation, creditors rights, and intellectual property (IP) litigation.

In addition to the above, we have broad expertise in the following:

The Economics of a Lawsuit

Throughout the life of a business dispute, your legal team must constantly assess whether your litigation strategy makes financial sense. Our attorneys honestly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the case, explain how fees will be charged, and determine the resources available to opponents. And our expertise-driven approach means only seasoned attorneys are working your file, so we can tip the economic balance in our clients’ favor.

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Gaining an Unfair Advantage

Litigation attorney legal technology

MWS Rose works with our partners in the legal technology sector to change how law firms do things. We leverage cloud services, deep learning, AI, and algorithmic research techniques. With these tools, we can exploit the resources of a much larger firm, cut out unneeded junior attorneys, and take on the strongest opponents while reducing discovery burdens.

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