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Our Technology Partners

MWS Rose is a boutique law firm with the resources to take on opponents of any size. One way we do that is by working closely with our partners in the legal technology industry to leverage AI, algorithmic research, and deep-learning analytics to work efficiently and gain the upper hand.


Cicayda e-discovery technology and litigation hold technologyCicayda’s e-discovery platform ingests tremendous amounts of documents and other data, organizes it, and makes it available for easy review and production. The system leverages deep learning algorithms to find needle-in-a-haystack materials and to spot otherwise invisible patterns in documents and communications. With all this power, only seasoned MWS Rose litigation attorneys need to staff your case.

Litigation Holds

Fermata Legal Hold logo - litigation law firm technologyLitigation holds are often a major hassle for larger companies and organizations when litigation approaches. We use Fermata, a product from Cicayda, to help in-house counsel and managers avoid this burden. Fermata identifies document custodians and coordinates preservation efforts. It automatically notifies custodians of the applicable hold, tracks communications, and allows the legal team to collect information on potentially relevant materials.

Trademark and Service Mark Proceedings

Docket Alarm - Trademark and intellectual property litigationIf proceedings before the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) become possible, Docket Alarm empowers our attorneys to determine how significant a threat a potential opposer or cancelation petitioner will be with analytic tools and aggregated data. Docket Alarm also allows our trademark litigators to conduct the deep research to find dead-on precedent needed to help win your case.

Our technology partners are only part of how MWS Rose is changing how law is practiced. Contact us to learn more.